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Crosswinds National, LLC. is a highly entrepreneurial residential and commercial real estate developer that is actively seeking development opportunities in high growth areas throughout the country. We are centrally located in Southeast Michigan and employ over 150 people. In business for over 40 years, we are privately owned and have developed thousands of homes and several million square feet of commercial space. We are market driven and focused on innovative problem solving. Quick response time to opportunities anywhere in the country has become a hallmark of our success. Funding comes from several sources including pension funds, private investors, commercial banks and internal cash flow.

Our current developments span from California to Virginia to Florida and several large metro areas in between. The largest project we currently have under development is “Brambleton” in Loudoun County, VA, three miles west of Dulles Airport. This is a master-planned community on 2,000 acres that will have 6,200 homes, a 450,000 square foot town center and 2,000,000 square feet of office and light industrial upon completion. Bellevue Ranch is 865 acres with 4,000 homes, a retail town center, office and schools. Milan is 4,800 acres that will have over 15,000 homes, retail, industrial and schools.

For more information about our developments nationwide, please explore the rest of our web site.

Preferred Development Opportunities
· Master-planned communities with a minimum of 500 residential lots. We will contract to purchase land with or without entitlements as long as closing is subject to obtaining entitlements. We also manage the entitlement, development and marketing functions for third parties on a negotiated fee structure.

· Single family or attached for-sale residential with a minimum of 100 units in areas where we have existing home building operations. This is currently Northern California, Southeast Michigan and Florida.

· Mixed-use including for-sale residential, rental apartments, retail, hotel, entertainment, civic, cultural, office or R&D. Minimum of 500 residential units and 100,000 square feet of commercial.

· Urban infill and brownfield where: A) land and parking is being provided by the municipality or they support a TIF for that purpose; B) the municipality is politically stable and a majority of elected officials are supportive of the proposed redevelopment; C) selection of the developer is based on qualifications with no site specific proposals required (we will not participate in an RFP) and; D) the political will exists to use condemnation, if required, to move the redevelopment forward. Minimum of 500 residential units and/or 100,000 square feet of commercial.

· Traditional neighborhood development (TND) with or without a town center designed in accordance with most new urbanism guidelines.

· Retail, office, industrial or R&D with or without a residential component. Minimum 100,000 square feet.

Target Geographic Areas
We will consider any area that demonstrates strong demand and sustainable absorption of residential and/or commercial development. Following are areas of interest or contain metro areas large enough to warrant our immediate attention:

Florida (all areas)
Phoenix, AZ
Atlanta, GA
New Jersey
Northern / Southern California

Washington, DC / Northern Virginia / Maryland / Delaware
Charlotte / Raleigh, NC
Southeast Michigan
Denver, Colorado
Las Vegas, NV
Chicago, IL

Preferred Deal Structure/Size
We are very sensitive to critical mass, demand and absorption. We look for circumstances where we can project rapid absorption due to pent up demand, rapid population or job growth or any other demand generator. Depending on the size of the opportunity, we can be an all cash purchaser. Long-term absorption (over 5 years) usually warrants terms with structured land releases over time or we will consider a joint venture. We are very creative in finding solutions to difficult or complicated opportunities.

Due to our rapid growth, we focus on larger opportunities. Since “large” is a relative term, this could mean 5 – 10 acres in a densely populated urban area or several thousand acres for a master-planned community. We have the management experience and availability of funding to take on a diverse set of “large-scale” residential or commercial developments. We look forward to working with you.

For more information, please contact:

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